Video Portfolio—Planning, Editing, & Interviews

20 For 20

The Most Valuable Student Scholarship is the largest scholarship program offered by the Elks National Foundation. Five hundred students receive MVS scholarships; four-hundred and eighty of these students receive $4,000, while the top 20 national finalists interview for the top six awards of $30,000, $40,000 and $50,000. The 14 scholars who do not receive a top award walk away with $20,000. Typically, the top 20 finalists fly to Chicago for the MVS Leadership Weekend to connect with one another and interview for the top six awards. There, they meet with a member of the communications staff for a filmed interview for the ENF’s “The Future Looks Like” series. The 2020 MVS Leadership Weekend went virtual and so did those interviews. I helped plan and execute the 20 For 20 series. I sat down with members of the top 20 for a Zoom interview, which I then edited and produced for our YouTube channel. Check out my 20 For 20 interviews here.

ENFtoYou: Summer Series

All of the Elks National Foundation’s major spring and summer events were canceled in the wake of COVID. It forced us to get creative and think bigger. Typically, our audience is not the most digitally engaged. But after launching a campaign to increase our engagement and subscribers on YouTube, the March to 1,000, we knew we had to take advantage of the newfound support for our video content. So the ENFtoYou: Summer Series was born. I assisted in the planning of the series, including central themes, guests, and filming. Furthermore, I executed a structured promotional campaign to encourage our audience to tune in to the virtual events. As part of the ENFtoYou: Summer Series, the Communications Department hosted ENFtoYou: Get Social Seminar, a webinar focused on tips and tricks for Lodges to leverage social media and promote the ENF. Check out the Get Social Seminar below. It is by far one of the largest projects I’ve worked on, and it gave me a peek into the world of production. Check out the rest of the Summer Series here.

Midday Minute and Hoop Shooting the Breeze

The Midday Minute is the Elks National Foundation’s bi-weekly YouTube show, hosted by the ENF’s director and assistant director. Before the pandemic, I assisted in filming the episodes. Now, I am responsible for the post-production of the series. I edit the video’s audio, add an intro, and edit the video into a frame especially made for the show. Check out my editing work here. I also was a guest on an episode of the Minute, which can be viewed below.

Hoop Shooting the Breeze is a YouTube series all about the ENF’s Hoop Shoot program, a youth sports program dedicated to building grit. We launched the series in October 2020. I am responsible for post-production of the series, similar to what I do for the Midday Minute. Check it out here.

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